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Ceramics in Interior Design: Trend and How to Use It.

01 September 2023
10 minutes read

A house will not become a home without the special touches, like family heirlooms, old photographs or objects with sentimental value. A genius way to combine style and personal attachments is to decorate your space with the use of ceramic items that combine the artistic vision with functionality.

Dive deep into the latest interior design trend and discover why everyone is so obsessed with contemporary pottery.

Ceramics in Interiors

Ceramics play a pivotal role in interior design, enhancing spaces with homely touches that exude personality and style. These elements, known for their texture, colour contrasts, and visual appeal, are both functional and decorative.

Photo credits: 101 Copenhagen . Discover 101 Copenhagen 

Often being affordable, ceramic pottery, even in smaller forms, can significantly influence a room's ambiance. With a range from rustic to minimalist, there is a ceramic style that will cater to every decor taste.

Although ceramics in interior design have a pretty classic and timeless reputation, their popularity has had something of a resurgence in recent times.

Photo credits: 101 Copenhagen . Discover 101 Copenhagen 

Declared by Elle Magazine as having reached “cult status”, the handmade, unique element to ceramic pottery definitely elevates the appeal. Earthy tones continue to be on-trend in the interior design world, with many opting for statement pieces such as rust orange couches, or copper coffee tables. Larger pieces aren’t for everyone however, and if you are keen to touch upon this palette without a big investment, ceramics offer the possibility.

Looking for unique ceramic pieces that offer visual interest and personality?

Ceramic Objects at Home

Ceramics, with their timeless beauty and tactile appeal, can add warmth and personality to any living space. Whether you're a die-hard pottery enthusiast or just someone looking to enhance the ambiance of your home, here are seven creative methods to seamlessly integrate ceramics:

Centrepiece Bowls

A large, handcrafted ceramic bowl can be a striking centrepiece for dining tables or coffee tables. Fill them with seasonal fruits, decorative orbs, or even float candles in them for an added touch of elegance.

Provides a versatile decoration element
Can be easily changed with seasonal items

Can occupy significant table space
Fragile and can break if not handled with care

Pepper Sq.'s Pick: Carn Brea Stoneware Bowl 25 cm. SHOP HERE 

Decorative Wall Plates

Who said plates are just for eating? Wall-mounted ceramic plates can create a beautiful mosaic of colours and patterns. Use a variety of sizes and designs to craft an eye-catching focal point in a hallway or above a couch.

Adds visual interest to walls
Can be arranged in various patterns

Installation can be challenging
Risk of falling if not securely mounted

Ceramic Planters

Plants breathe life into any home, and a ceramic planter is the perfect vessel for your favourite greenery. From hanging planters to footed pots, there's a style for every plant and space.

Enhances the beauty of plants
Offers a variety of design choices

Some may lack proper drainage
Potential risk of breakage during repotting

Pepper Sq.' Pick : Trevaunance Ceramic Vessel 19cm, Shop Here

Tile Backsplashes

Give your kitchen or bathroom an upgrade with ceramic tile backsplashes. Whether you go for a monochrome look, intricate patterns, or vibrant mosaics, these tiles are both functional and fabulous.

Easy to clean
Can dramatically change the look of a space

Installation can be complex
Can be expensive depending on the design

Statement Vase

Ceramic vases can become artistic centrepieces in their own right. With a plethora of designs, from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional, these vases not only hold flowers but also elevate the décor.

Versatile as they can be used with or without flowers
Available in a wide range of designs

Fragile and can easily break
Some designs might not hold water efficiently

Pepper Sq.'s Pick : Chimney Stem Vases, Shop Here

Functional Kitchenware

Embrace ceramics in your daily life with mugs, plates, and serving dishes. These items can be both beautiful and functional, turning every meal into an artful experience.

Enhances the dining experience
Can be used daily

Requires careful handling
Some pieces might not be dishwasher safe

Sculptural Art

For those who appreciate ceramics as an art form, consider introducing ceramic sculptures or statues into your living space. Positioned correctly, these pieces can invoke conversations and admiration from guests.

Creates a conversation starter
Adds artistic flair to a room

Can be pricey
Occupies space and may not have functional use.

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Styling Ceramic Home Decor

The beauty of choosing ceramic pieces is that they have endless colour and pattern variations, giving you a great opportunity to experiment with decorating. You can add bright accents to surrounding interiors with darker-coloured items or support the calming tones of the room with more neutral ceramic pieces.

Incorporating ceramics into home decor is about balancing form and function.

Let’s delve into some of the core elements that can guide your ceramic decor choices:


Neutral Tones

Neutral-coloured ceramics, like whites, beiges, and soft greys, lend a serene and sophisticated vibe to a space. They are perfect for creating a minimalist, calm atmosphere and are versatile enough to fit in any room.

Bold Hues

For those who love a pop of colour, interior ceramics in bold reds, blues, or greens can become focal points in a room. They breathe life into a space, and when placed against a contrasting backdrop, they can truly stand out.

Mix and Match

There's no hard and fast rule that says you can't mix colours. An assortment of ceramic pieces in different hues can create a vibrant, eclectic look, especially when they're of the same type, like a collection of vases.


Glossy Finishes

Ceramics with a glossy finish reflect light and can add a touch of glamour. These pieces work well in contemporary settings and are perfect for rooms where you want a hint of shine.

Matte and Earthy

Matte-finished ceramics or those with a rugged, natural texture exude warmth. They resonate well with rustic or bohemian decor styles, adding depth and a touch of nature to interiors.

Size and Scale

Statement Pieces

Large ceramic pieces, be it sculptures, vases, or planters, can become the star of a room. Ensure the surrounding decor is more subdued, so the ceramic piece stands out.

Smaller Accents

Smaller ceramic items, like decorative bowls, trinkets, or mini sculptures, can be grouped together or sprinkled throughout a space for a cohesive look.

Functionality vs. Aesthetic

Utilitarian Pieces

Ceramics aren't just for show. Bowls, plates, mugs, or storage containers can be both functional and decorative. Display them on open shelves, hang them on walls, or use them daily to infuse art into your routine.

Purely Decorative

Artistic ceramic sculptures, abstract pieces, or intricately painted plates might serve no utilitarian purpose but are pivotal in setting the aesthetic tone of a room.

Beautiful Home Ceramic Collectibles

We are excited to introduce our new, monthly collaboration, The Collectables at Pepper Sq, featuring limited edition runs by artisan designers and independent workshops creating beautiful pieces of art that offer a unique beauty.

Kicking off our series, we have Cornish potter, Paul Welling. His wabi sabi aesthetic expresses the ragged Cornish landscape in his ceramic bowls, vases and dramatic stoneware centerpieces.

About Paul Welling

Originally hailing from East Anglia, Paul spent most of his working life working in the media industry in various locations around the world and settled on the north coast of Cornwall,  where he now creates contemporary ceramics reflecting the rugged surrounding Cornish landscape and seascapes

In 2019, Paul established his studio, Paul Welling Ceramics, producing centrepiece vessels and objet d'art for both home and garden which echo the rich, earthy colours often seen in Cornwall.

Paul's ceramics are crafted from heavily textured clays, often using black clay, along with hardwearing stoneware with oxide pigments to colour. We met up with Paul, here’s what he had to say.

Paul Welling Interview

We met up with  Paul to find out more about him ...

Why work with ceramics?

I have always been interested in ceramics since an early age.  My father still collects Chinese ceramic tea bowls and I think that must have had an influence on some of my early work.   Having grown up in East Anglia I was exposed to regional ceramic work from an early age but having recently moved full time to Cornwall, I am fortunate to be able to grow my craft in a a wonderfully inspiring location.

Which artists work do you admire?

I love some of the brutalist mid century pieces created by Bernard Rooke, and remember these in my childhood home.  I also greatly appreciate the output of the famous Leach Pottery in St Ives.  Ceramics are abundant in Cornwall so there is no shortage of work to admire.

Paul Welling Ceramics. Discover full collection at

What are your favourite materials to work with?

I like to work with heavily textured clays and often use black clay.  I work in stoneware, which is hard wearing when fired to a very high temperature.   I also prefer to use oxide pigments to colour my pieces rather than brightly coloured glazes

Do you envision a final product, or do you let the process guide you?

I’d like to say that I always have a final product in mind and a plan to achieve it, but that’s not always the case.   Sometimes I think it’s important to let the process guide you - it can be where the most interesting ideas stem from.

Describe your ideal working environment (studio, time of day, any music, with a cup of tea or wine) to create your ceramics.

I’m a morning person - so my ideal time of day to start work is just after breakfast (or sometimes before).   I listen to music rather than the radio and am very lucky to have a superb view of fields and horses from my potters wheel.

Looking for unique ceramic pieces that offer visual interest and personality?

Ceramics is an increasingly popular craft and very on trend. Paul thinks that more minimal style is very trendy right now. "The Nordic meets Asian aesthetic seems to be very prevalent at the moment too - perhaps as it works so well with mid century and modern rooms", - Paul Welling

When selecting a ceramic piece what should one look out for?

The most important criteria is to love it. Ceramics are enduring and will last for thousands of years so finding a piece that will fit well in your house in several locations is a good start.  I personally like more simple forms and natural colours that you can perhaps pair with colourful glassware or houseplants

Paul’s Pepper Sq. Picks

Passionate about the world of art and decor, Paul says "I love the holistic approach that Pepper Sq. has. Your interior design, your furniture, and what you use in your space are all connected. Their emphasis on thoughtfully selected and curated pieces is what attracted me to working with them”.

We asked him to share his favourite items from PEPPERSQ.COM furniture collection:

Level Leather Daybed :  I like a lot of white space with key pieces of furniture given the room to shine. This daybed is the perfect piece for a wide hallway.

Cono Adjustable Floor Lamp: "I could definitely see this in my home, it's a perfect statement living room piece"

Totem Dining Table : " I have a very minimalistic home with lots of white space, and this table is perfectly  simple and elegant".

Hagen Folding Desk: "What an ingenious design for a small space, very versatile and functional".

Fill your home with love and style, inspired by these one of a kind ceramic pieces from our limited edition. Discover #thecollectables...


Ceramics, with their multifaceted appeal, are an embodiment of timeless beauty, versatility, and artistic expression. Whether used as functional kitchenware or as a statement art piece, they bring a unique charm to any space.

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