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Cool Cocooning... Bring comfort and joy into your home

20 September 2021
6 minutes read

Trends tend to start with either a cultural theme or a historic time period, and then the trends is defined by a colour palette which will include base colours and complementary colours, materials and textures.

We live a fussy, stressful routine and the home is supposed to become a place where we could finally feel secure and calm. The future home will be a sacred place, almost a private paradise amongst the chaos of everyday life.

Cool Cocooning - the latest interior trend

The motto is “cocoon”, all in the living space should bring softness and comfort. Soft and comfortable materials are therefore essential. A warm rug to accentuate the wooden or stone floor, throw wool blanket and large cotton or velour cushions on sofas and armchairs .

Just like a caterpillar inside its cocoon, we also participate in cocooning to find peace in our space no matter how big or small.

The dividing line between cocooning and other home furnishing trends is somewhat blurred. “Homing”, the Danish notion of “hygge”, cosy minimalism and the German concept of “Heimeligkeit” (homeliness) all refer to the idea of recognising that our homes are at the centre of our lives and furnishing them with beauty and comfort in mind.

We always find our space to be at the center of our lives. Home is where we are free and where we experience emotions and express them as we please.

The cocooning style focuses on recycled and long-use natural materials, organic shapes, and soft tones. It’s all about materials with sustainability in mind — natural wood, recycled textiles, natural yarns, and plush soft fabrics.

            Design : Pepper Sq. Ready-to-buy living room interior " Silent night"

The cocoon world is synonymous with serenity, so avoid walls and furniture in fluorescent and flashy colors. Go for neutral and timeless colors, like grey, taupe, beige and auburn and elevate them by adding decorative items or textiles in bold colors.

Sofa upholstered in versatile boucle , plush velvet or soft linen make you want to curl up and cocoon in luxury.

Boucle fabric (fittingly, it rhymes with “woo! yay!”) is made from thick and thin yarns with loops and curls that create texture. While wool is the most common fiber used in the technique, anything from linen to silk to cotton can achieve the same result. The material is adaptable, durable, and comes in a variety of weights, so you could use it in a high-traffic room or for a snuggly everyday pillow.

The bouclé fabric works incredibly well on items with soft curves and rounded edges. Invest in a snuggly and laid back sofa  that lets you sink in when watching your favorite shows on Netflix.  

Curvy furniture make your space visually soft and gentle. Finding furniture that is designed with smooth curves and rounded edges is a great way to bring comfort home.  Circular coffee tables or side tables in your living room or soft edged bedside tables next to your dreamy bed... invites you to stay there to enjoy moments of tranquility.

The curvaceous armchair will instantly bring new energy into your living room or lounge area, and allows you to spend quality time reading and conversing with your loved ones.

Add multiple sources of light for a feeling of tranquility in each room. Right lampshades will help to create intimate atmosphere.

Experiment with  floor and table lamps, or even garland lights to defuse the lighting. To bring it back to nature, try to opt for lighting that incorporates wood or marble elements.

There is nothing worse than an empty interior with little furniture and no decoration. To create a space as well as an atmosphere that is warm and friendly, accessorizing your interior is the key.  The home accessories such as throws, cushions, rugs and curtains will cozy up any room. Play with textures, colours or even with the design of your objects.

A very fury wooly rug will make that magic; so even if you have wooden floors, a soft rug will balance the hardness out.

We teamed up with the Topology Interiors  and ask them to create " the best cocooning " experience for the living room.

The original moodboard suggested to amplify natural elements in the interior with lush plants.

Designed by  @Topology Interiors.  Living room interior "Tranquil Moment"

The room was imagined to have off white walls with the space opening out onto a luscious green garden through tall panelled crittal doors. The flooring is light creamy grey polished concrete.

"The concept was to create a living room that incorporates layers of texture and pops of greenery . We believe this resulted in us creating a simple, honest, inviting space that is in tune with nature as it opens out onto a luscious green garden through large Crittal doors. We’ve layered neutral textures, thoughtfully placed lighting and pops of colour, incorporated natural materials (e.g woods, marble, linen), played with spherical and linear shapes, and added black accents to elevate the overall look and feel of the design..."

Designed by  @Topology Interiors.  Living room interior "Tranquil Moment"

Featured products from :

An elegantly relaxed sofa with a loose linen cover which can be removed for cleaning. The Olivia 4 Seater Sofa has beautifully simple lines with a single deep and long seat cushion that creates a comfortable sofa.  

The LU pendant has a bold vertical element that appears to float through a thin circular light source. The distinctive shape results in an appealing design that is perfectly balanced. Inspired by Scandinavian lighting and the love for pure readable lines.

Designed by  @Topology Interiors.  Living room interior "Tranquil Moment"

With its geometric shape and horizontal slates, the Array Sideboard creates a strong visual effect from catching both light and shadow in the depth of the slates.

The velvet armchair Tamara  makes a statement with its striking silhouette and minimalist  details.

The Arc Coffee Table exhibits a minimalist Danish design which is modern and practical with its functional storage. By simply rotating half of the circular lid to uncover the inside storage space, the expression of the table is ever changeable.

Browse cocooning furniture collection at . Design your home with ease!

About Topology Interiors

Topology Interior is an award winning interior design studio based in London centred around affordability.  A small team of professional interior designers is on a mission to offer an impeccable service whilst showing that great style doesn’t have to come at a huge cost.

As the team offers as well as a full project management service online, that makes the entire project affordable to the wide customer circle.

                                    Athina Bluff, the founder of Topology Interiors .

"Our approach to design centres around our client’s desires and what speaks to them so a design will ultimately feel like ‘home’ for them. We aim to create a design that is in tune with our client’s needs aesthetically and practically.

Ultimately, our approach to interiors boils down to the fact we strive to create designs that are both sustainable and timeless. You’ll notice that our designs have a contemporary Scandinavian twist throughout. ",  said Athina.

                             Design :  Topology Interiors.  Residential Project .

If you are interested in services provided by Topology Interiors, you can get in touch with the team directly.  

Phone: +44 20 7582 4354 | E-mail:


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